Lü Brings Interactive Learning to Daniel Boone

Posted on 10/28/2019
Lu Duo

Fall break is a time for students, teachers, and staff to relax and reset before heading back into the classroom to end the first semester on a high note. Students and staff at Daniel Boone Elementary were in for quite the surprise on their first day back from fall break. Entering the gymnasium for their second quarter assembly, attendees were greeted with dancing lights, loud music, and a brand new interactive projector setup, called Lü. Daniel Boone is the first school in Missouri to have a Lü Duo installed. Duo meaning twice as much fun, with two projectors set up back to back.

“We are grateful for the support from our parents and our PTO that allowed us to purchase such a fun and engaging interactive learning system that our students will enjoy for years to come,” said Principal Kevin Armour. “No taxpayer dollars were spent on the system due to their support.”

Lü is marketed as an interactive playground. Using audio-visual equipment, students are plunged into a world of colored lights, cross-curricular learning, and purposeful activities. The system is made up of three parts that work together to provide an immersive experience. A wall projector displays fun games and videos, while a 3D camera turns the projection into a giant touchscreen. Paired with a light and audio system, learning turns into a fully mesmerizing experience.

“It was cool,” said Sophie, a third grader at Daniel Boone. “I liked all the colors and all the different designs and all the games.” “I think my classmates will think it’s fun and awesome,” said Olivia, another impressed third grader.

Lü is perfect in a physical education class. Students can use sports balls to select their answers, and the system can time their relay races, or follow a digital leader for warm-ups. Coach Chad Millard, the physical education and health teacher at Daniel Boone, is excited to use the device for his daily classes. “The students’ reactions have been incredible!” said Millard. “I have seen an increase in participation already and several teachers have commented on how students have seemed more engaged in their classes after PE.”

While the system has obvious uses in PE, the system can also be cross-curricular. Lü comes with a wide selection of applications and games that are designed to get students’ bodies and minds moving. Students can dance their way through Danza, practice mindful meditation with Gaïa, fight off asteroids in Galactic, work on spelling while playing Mineword, learn about rhythms and compositions in Jam, and so much more.

“The cross-curricular options have been great for the students,” said Millard. “I am able to have the students use skills they have learned or are learning in PE and connect them into games that will help enhance their learning in math, science, music, art, reading, and spelling.”

Students and staff at Daniel Boone Elementary now have a fun and exciting new way to learn. The Lü Duo will provide a variety of learning activities for students of all abilities and ages to enjoy for years to come.

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